Information concerning the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic

Information concerning the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic

Although facing with certain difficulties caused by the current situation both in Belgium and worldwide, the Beldico team makes all necessary efforts to continue to serve their customer demands.

Beldico can count on its suppliers who, for the most part, have confirmed their activities will continue. Some extensions in the delivery times of raw materials are observed without major impact on deliveries for now.

Beldico ensures the continuity of its production despite the capacity reductions due to the absence of certain team members, and the suspension of activity of one of its subcontractors.

Consequently, in order to guarantee the continuity of the activity, and in order to maximize its capacity, Beldico is forced to restrict the range of its products. Priority will be given to 130 and 240 ml bottles and its accessories instead of small containers. In the same way the range of breast shields will be restricted.

In this context, Beldico can offer you an alternative product.

Finally, even if these measures are monitored throughout the year, Beldico remain particularly attentive during this period to respect the hygiene rules by their staff.

We also remind you that the products, sterilized with ethylene oxide or treated with gamma radiation, do not present any risk for users.