Quality is a key driver of success for International Medical Products

We have installed a broad range of programs to ensure product quality and safety. These management systems address regulatory compliance, complaint handling, supplier evaluation, corrective and preventive action and customer satisfaction.


Products distributed by International Medical Products are in compliance with the European Directive on medical devices and are heavily regulated by the European Commission, health authorities and other regulatory authorities worldwide. Most of our suppliers are certified to ISO 13485 and/or 9001 (standards that provide a basis for quality management systems that satisfy international regulations). International Medical Products is ISO 9001:2015 certified. View here our current certificat.


International Medical Products uses a Complaint Handling System designed to improve product complaint processing and communication with our business partners. This Complaint Handling System is not only used to monitor the performances of the distributed products or to improve the product reliability/quality and the future product development of our suppliers, but is also a very important tool to evaluate and select our suppliers.


To deliver competitive advantages, International Medical Products uses a Supplier Evaluation chart. Suppliers are required to adhere to a policy which addresses risk management, product development, process evaluation, cost improvement, delivery performance and certification.


International Medical Products takes corrective actions whenever potential product quality or safety issues are identified. We focus on the systematic investigation of adverse events in an attempt to prevent their recurrence. Our internal processes are examined regularly and we establish an inventory and an evaluation of the risks. If it appears that some processes may lead to future possible gaps, adequate preventive actions are therefore being undertaken. Corrective actions may include a recall procedure for certain products. If necessary, you can always contact our e-mail address: recall@intermed.be.


Customer satisfaction measurement is also a key performance indicator. International Medical Products has many customers, including physicians, biologists, nurses, purchasers, ... We are conducting performance surveys with these audiences to establish a benchmark for tracking our year-over-year performance moving forward.